Basic HTML Layout

HTML is the language used to write webpages. The letters stand for HyperText Markup Language. A Markup Language is different from a programming language as it is closer to English which means it is easier to write actual code without using an editor.

The basic HTML layout of a webpage looks like:

<HEAD><TITLE>Title Here...</TITLE></HEAD>
Main Text Here...

Each HTML Tag or command is surrounded by triangular brackets (< .. >) and must be closed at the end with a forward slash (</ .. >).

The coding is contained within the <HTML> tags to show the start & finish with two sub-sections of a header (within <HEAD> tags) with a main body of text (within <BODY> tags). Within the header tags such as <TITLE> can be used to effect the browser (this tag is used to put a title across the top of the browser screen.

Now we have covered the boring part, we can start making the page more interesting.